Autore Topic: WHY AN ENGLISH VERSION OF BIK ?  (Letto 5815 volte)

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« il: 11 Luglio 2013, 01:42:06 pm »

Please  , before posting in the international section make sure  you have read the rules and guidelines of the forum  .

In order to tear down the linguistic barriers we create this section where international members can hopefully exchange information and ideas about knifemaking and collecting .

We can’t face the massive work of translating the whole forum , so if you whish to know what we are saying or what we have already written in a particular  BIK thread , please do not hesitate to ask information  ,it will be our care to translate it for you .

We are already working on the translation of the entire section of the tutorials  .
Please  ,feel free to post new tutorials or new threads .The exchange of information , knowledge and experiences is one of our main aim

Maybe you tried to keep in touch with an italian shop or a italian knifemaker  ,and they couldn’t clearly answer you questions because of linguistic problems , we will help you to communicate with them .

As a matter of fact  ,we will do our best to make you understood .
Any ideas or suggestions for improving this section will be really  appreciated .

I am not a English mother tongue  ,sorry in anticipation for any possible and probable mistake .
Fell free to correct my English , I would be honoured for that .

Thanks very much for your attention and kind cooperation .

Enjoy your staying here