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Burnishing with oil
« il: 15 Luglio 2013, 06:12:36 pm »
Don’t think it will be a hard work ,it is really easy
Ingredients :
A guard ready to be fitted ,final size and final finishing with 500 grit sandpaper,
Make sure you remove grease from the guard with aceton or nitro diluent .
I forgot to do that

a blow torch and seed oil ( it is the same I use for quenching)

Holding the guard with a grapple  I start heating with the blow torch

up to a Blue /violet color

I sink it in oil

And heat again

If something goes wrong , you can repeat the step ( Heating sinking ) until then you reach
The outcome you desire
I cool down the guard in water then I remove the remains of burnt oil with a mix of powder soap
Washing up liquid  for having a abrasihive and degreasing paste .
I think it can be also ok a home using  grease remover

rinse it with water and accurately dry. Here here the result

In this way you have  a quite tough result  , I didn’t test it  , but the burnishing is wool steel resistant and sufficiently prevent the formation of rust .
This method is suitable for  high carbon steel , iron  .
As you can see  the brass part is lightly burnished , so this method is NOT useful for brass , bronze and  stainless steel
If you want a  more shiny surface , just mirror polish the guard before heating and sinking
For obtaining a consistent effect , equally heat the guard .
If you want to have a tortoise shell effect heat in a random / spot way , in this way youl will have different shade of colours : Blue violet , yellow
For an aged effect polish the guard with 1000 grit wet paper and wool steel .
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Re:Burnishing with oil
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Ottima traduzione!
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