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How to give new life to a crippled handle .
« il: 16 Luglio 2013, 11:02:07 am »
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We often find blocks of wood full of fissures or lightly damaged  ,so we didnít use them at all and we leave them on the shelf .
This method is also suitable for broken and damaged handle you wish to fix.
The one I am using  to show you my method was full of big and deep fissures .
Here below pictures before the process .

From a piece of the same wood I scratch some sawdust .

I mix it with  epoxy resin , donít use to much sawdust  ,otherwise , you wonít be able to spread it in a easy way 

I try to make the glue filling as deeper as I can in the fissures ,reaching the outward .

Here the result at the end of this step .Now It is a ugly result
I let the glue dry for a day .
Now I start removing the glue from the wood  with 150 grit sand paper .

grit 220

grit 360

and up to 800 grit

Now I polish the handle with  a cotton wheel and carnauba wax
And the work is done