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Titolo: Welcome to VCA Knives
Inserito da: vcaknives - 16 Settembre 2012, 10:54:15 pm
Thanks for the opportunity to show some of my work at knifemaking.

I produce knives in carbon steel, by forging and stock removal.

My brand "VCA" means "Voss Cutelaria Artesanal" (Voss is the family name of my mother, from Germany).

I like to try new designs, but my passion are Bowie and utility knives, as the knives for bushcraft. But appreciate knives in general, especially its history and ethnography.

I started making knives in 2008, in a totally manual way, and through Internet searches found other Brazilian artisans who dedicated themselves to the craft. I've always been self-taught. I worked for 30 years in the military police in my state, where I recently retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. With retirement, I intend to devote myself full-time to knifemaking, it is an exciting activity.

Im from southern Brazil, a state called "Rio Grande do Sul", which has a strong European colonization, especially German and  Italian. I live on a city called "Erechim", at the north of the state.

Today I divide my time between the family, the workshop and my dogs.

I am happy to meet people who have the same passion for knives, the Internet is a great way to meet friends and learn new things.

I hope to share information with the people here in the forum.

 Again express my thanks for the welcome and for providing this space.
Titolo: Re:Welcome to VCA Knives
Inserito da: Mad_Maxx - 17 Settembre 2012, 12:08:26 am
I see some good sheath craft, hope to see more! welcome and thanks for sharing!